Royal Huahine Bp 36 Fare Huahine 98731, French Polynesia

Experience magical, lush, tropical surroundings, tucked away in a small bay on the island of Huahine, in Tahiti's Leeward islands. The only access to the resort is by boat. After a short 35 minute flight from Tahiti with the local air carrier, Air Tahiti, you will be driven to Huahine's nearby main village of Fare. Along the way, you will begin to discover Huahine's magnificent variety of exotic plants. Vanilla, coffee, watermelon and taro plantations abound, while breadfruit, mango, banana, and papaya groves may be found throughout the Island. You may pass a local fisherman selling his daily catch along the road. While enjoying the 15 minute boat ride from the village to the resort, through a breathtaking turquoise blue lagoon, you may catch a glimpse of some of the island's rich marine life. Upon arrival at the resort, you will immediately discover just how uniquely different Te Tiare Beach Resort really is.