Intercontinental Mendoza

Intercontinental Mendoza Boulevard Perez Cuesta 3292 esquina Lateral Norte Acceso Este
Guaymallen, Mendoza, Argentina

Distance from hotel to town, 2 miles (3 kms). Distance from hotel to airport, 8 miles (13 kms).
InterContinental Mendoza is part of the citys burgeoning entertainment, business and hospitality center. Its contemporary architecture, although not unusual in other cities around the world, defines the traditional, simple style of most buildings in the area. Located next to the citys largest shopping mall and casino, the hotel boasts West Argentinas largest meeting space and world- class accommodations. Adventure seekers will enjoy a visit to the foot of the Andes mountains or the Mendoza river. As one of the nine "Great Wine Capitals" in the Global Network of internationally-renowned wine regions, Mendoza is home to many area wineries where you can sample the regions own Malbecs, Syrahs and Cabernets.